The Snowbirds

Our Mission
Snowbird Botanicals is a husband and wife owned craft cannabis farm, fueled by a passion for growing as naturally, and sustainably as possible for our family + friends. We pride ourselves on nurturing others + Mother Nature with our farming practices.
The Farm
Our farm is located on 15 acres of land, tucked away in the beautiful foothills of Barnet, VT where much of the landscape remains untouched by man. On the farm we believe in organic and sustainable farming practices and we never use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or non-certified organic fertilizers of any kind. We ensure that no chemicals make it into our hemp plants throughout the entire process.
Our hemp is delicately planted into our amended fields, ensuring a live soil without tilling. The water is sourced by a natural spring on our farm, rich in minerals our plants love. We increase the production of our plants by brewing organic fertilizer teas that is delivered through a drip irrigation system to every plant.
As a small batch farm, we are able walk every row daily to make sure every plant is given the special attention it needs throughout the growing season. Our hemp is then harvested, and hung by hand, to dry in climate controlled spaces for a consistent drying and curing process.
One of our main focuses is the production of terpene filled, smokeable hemp flower with high concentrations of THC/CBD/CBG and other minor cannabinoids, while maintaining State & Federal compliance of under 0.3% THC for hemp.
Our remaining hemp flower is extracted in a Vermont Certified Organic lab (third party tested) using organic ethanol. It is then formulated into an organic coconut oil to create our whole plant CBD Oil. Whole plant CBD extract maintains the integrity of the entire hemp plant with emphasis on high terpene and cannabinoid preservation.

We use CBD + CBG flower in order to make our therapeutic topical salves. We include eucalyptus essential oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and beeswax that provides you anti-inflammatory pain relief alongside aromatherapy.