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Snowbird Botanicals 300mg Pet CBD Oil, 750mg and 1500mg CBD Oil sitting on a sandy Florida beach

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"I suffered from major sciatica nerve pain in my right hip and down my right leg in 2015.  I couldn’t walk for a week and I took over 60 pain pills in 10 days so I could attend a family wedding.  I then made an appointment with a Chiropractor/Acupuncturist which helped to relieve the pain and quit taking the meds.  He recommended taking 1 ml of CBD Oil twice a day, morning and night. This has helped me quite a lot. I no longer need to see him on regular basis.  I continue taking my CBD Oil daily, two times a day and a little extra when my nerves flair up occasionally."

Andy M.

“I tried many other CBD oils looking to find something for both my arthritis and chronic sciatic nerve pain from a tennis accident.

I could immediately feel the difference with snowbird botanicals CBD oil. From the first day of use, my arthritis pain is entirely managed with this CBD oil. I no longer have the swelling in my joints, or pins and needles in my fingers. I’m no longer dropping things, and I don’t think twice about the pain anymore.

One morning, I jumped out of bed hearing my dog scratch the door to go out. That’s when I realized I didn’t slowly get out of bed carefully the way I had for over a decade. My constant sciatic nerve pain was gone. I can’t recommend this enough to everyone I know. It will change your life if you have any chronic pain.”

Nelly S.

 "Snowbird Botanicals whole plant CBD oils have helped me improve my symptoms of moderate to severe insomnia greatly!

As somebody who has tried many different oils for my insomnia I can honestly say that the terpenes and other cannabinoids in this whole plant oil set itself apart from the rest.
You can feel the difference almost immediately with its soothing and calming effects.

One full dropper of the 1500mg oil before bed and i find myself falling asleep easier, waking up more rested and ready to start my day."

David S.